Flights to Costa Rica

Flights to Costa RicaFlights to Costa Rica have become the best way to enter this popular eco destinations for North American tourists and other nationalities . Since all major airlines land at San Jose Airport (SJO) and Liberia Airport (LIR), visitors have more flight options when planning a vacation in different parts of this friendly country.


 Flights to San Jose Costa Rica Airport may be a convenient choice being located in the central valley – an ideal point to start your land transportation during your vacation. From here you can head towards Tortuguero, Arenal Volcano hot springs and adventure facilities, Monteverde Cloud Forest, the central pacific coast hotels and resorts,OsaPeninsula and Guanacaste.


Flights to Liberia Costa Rica Airport in Guanacaste gives you the opportuity to explore all kinds of outdoor activities in Costa Rica- from mountain resorts and adventure facilities, luxury accommodations, all inclusive resorts, hotels, water sports to second home owner properties located just 40 minutes away from the so popular north pacific coast attractions.


If you take the time, you can find good flight options to Costa Rica as long as you keep in mind that flying during the week may get you a good deal compare to the weekends. There are many other tips online that you can try and air travel search sites to compare fares with, that is difficult to go for just one.  I have found many flight loads at to compare fares when planning a trip to Liberia or San Jose Airport, Costa Rica. Using the ITA software may give you some of the best flight information but you will have to go to the airline site to buy tickets. When it comes to budget airlines or low cost carriers, try searching their websites directly because not always they advertise in online agencies to offer good deals. Always keep in mind that luggage fees and taxes have to be considered when you search for the rates.


Air fares have been lower when flying into San Jose Airport,Costa Rica due to a much higher level of competition. There have been differences of 20% to 40% in prices among low cost airline flights compare to mayor carriers during different periods of the year.  However,Liberia Airport will be experiencing more flights to Costa Rica since the new building is now open and its big advantage of being so close to the north pacific coastline makes a difference to clients and the fact that no many travelers want to drive from the city for 4 or 5 hours. Flying into San Jose and out of Liberia may be still an option for travelers who want to visit more attractions while on vacation in Costa Rica.


Flights to Costa Rica through mayor carriers and low cost airlines


Here is a list of international airlines flying to Costa Rica and the names of the most popular cities they fly from. As you will be able to see, mayor airlines have Miami,Houston and Atlanta as the main hubs because of their local and international connections with other flights in The United States. Other cities from the USA and Canada are starting to offer flights to Costa Rica during the week as well as charter flights in high season.


American Airlines - 800-433-7300 . American Airlines serves both San Jose and Liberia Airports through Miami and Dallas main hubs every day. Around 40 weekly flights to Costa Rica.


Continental Airlines - 800-525-0280 . Continental Airlines serves San Jose and Liberia Airports through non-stop flights  to Costa Rica from Newark and Houston Airports every day. Around 60 flights weekly.


Delta Airlines -800-221-1212 . Delta Airlines offers flights to Costa Rica Serving San Jose and Liberia Airports from Atlanta every day. Around 30 flights weekly.


Frontier Airlines - 800-243-6297 . Frontier offers non stop flights from Denver to San Jose and Liberia Airport. Around 14 flights weekly


Iberia Airlines - 800-772-4642
Iiberia run non-stop flights from Madrid to San Jose Airport. Around 7 flights to Costa Rica weekly


Jet Blue Airlines – 800-538-2583 . Jet Blue runs non-stop flights to Costa Rica from Orlando to San Jose. Four new flights  will be coming into Liberia Airport from New York starting November 17th. Around 7 flights weekly.


Lacsa Airlines - 800-535-8780 .  Lacsa offers non-stop flights to Costa Rica from Los Angeles, New York JFK, and Miami to San Jose Costa Rica Airport. Around 21 flights weekly


Spirit Airlines offers non-stop flights to Costa Rica from Ft. Lauderdale to San Jose airport. Around 7 flight to Costa Rica weekly.


USAIRWAYS - 800-428-4322 .   US Airways serves San Jose  Airport through Charlotte, NC. Seasonably Flights to Costa Rica. Around 8 flights weekly


Air Canada - 888-247-2262  -  Air Canada flies non –stop flights  to Costa Rica  from Toronto to San Jose Airport and from Newarkto Liberia Airport. Around 7 flights weekly.

Southwest is offering new flights at very competitive rates from USA to Liberia and San Jose Airport .

Alaska Air has started direct flights from LA to Liberia Airport making it very atrractive due to good rates.

Seasonal Flights to Costa Rica


Seasonal flights to Costa Rica are also offered by Sun Country Airlines from Minneapolis, US 3000 from Chicago, Air Transat from Edmonton,Calgary,Montreal and Toronto, Air Berlin from many cities in Europe, Jet Air  from Belgium, Air Canada from Toronto.



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