Ways To Pay Your Transportation

Costa Rica Ground Transfers allows credit card payments through Visa, Master or American Express via PayPal to secure reservations as prepayment options for advanced bookings with a minor surcharge.

Some of the drivers may carry POS in the vehicles as a choice to pay for the services with a minor surcharge. Any charges on POS must be preauthorized by operation managers.

Prices quoted are per vehicle except in cases of booking shared shuttle services.

Any charges are processed at the time of booking when requested by customers and are refundable following the terms outlined in our cancellation policy.

Cash payments are allowed at the completion of each shuttle service.


Company Vouchers

Company-issued vouchers serve as a form of confirmation documentation and the original voucher must be presented to the driver operating the vehicle.

For rides from the airport, customer may be requested to present voucher to drivers or customer service representative.

A voucher serves only as a form of confirmation and do not constitute payment unless is prepaid by PAYPAL. Customers must still schedule a reservation in advance to ensure pick-ups. 


Discount codes are valid for use while reserving the service via CostaRicaGroundTransfers.com. They cannot be combined with other offers.


Web-based reservations have the option to receive an email confirmation with complete reservation and payment details.

For group handling and wire transfers, we may send you a bill so you can pay amounts directly to our local bank account.

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