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Costa Rica Car Rental Tips

Read our Costa Rica car rental tips for valuable recommendations as a free transportation guide .That way you can make a good decision on renting a car to travel during your Costa Rica vacation.

Costa Rica Travel Facts 

Part of Costa Rica travel facts is that nowadays clients make car rental reservations with three companies at the same time. This is done to compare and get a special car rental bargain online.

This behavior produces a high percentage of no shows and cancellations.Costa Rica car rental tips

Mayor Costa Rica Car rental companies defend themselves creating over sale by 10-20 percent in car inventories in high season.

Can you imagine what this can do to a 600 car fleet?. Could this affect your Costa Rica vacation?.

When this happens, making a reservation early does not count and probably that person paying more will get your car.

In high season this can happen a lot during the weekends.

We believe that a rental car quote can be divided into five sections.

Base Rate - Online car rental sites may offer cheap rates without insurance fees that attract the client's attention. Clients fall for this easy in high season. 

Protections - CDW/LDW and Liability- *CDW may be declined with proper documentation- Liability is mandatory. Always read local policies*.

License plate fees and taxes- USD 1.20- 2.00 and airport taxes may go from 3 TO 13 percent( Franchise royalties and airport concession fees).

Additional services- These are subject to client's needs.

Additional protection plans -these are subject to client's needs too.

If possible, reconfirm your car rental booking one day before or call to make sure your rental car reservation is confirmed.

Make sure you give the right time because a reservation may be good for one hour only.

Reservations that have airline and flight information details only are good for a period of time that is very short.

If you can give your credit card number on the phone to really hold your car reservation, please do it to avoid an unpleasant situation.

Costa Rica Car Rental Rate Variations

Car rental prices are very competitive and no single agency has the best prices all the time.

Prices change frequently and every agency offers special car hire promotions. Competitive priced deals serve to increase occupation so you can shop for a special offer.

Car rental prices are most competitive at international airports like Liberia(LIR) and San Jose airport(SJO).

You can find some real bargain prices if you shop for the best car rental deal at the airports in the green season.

It does not work the same if you try it from a hotel or coastal area.

Take into consideration the seasons *green season * high season*to reserve your vehicle.

Car Rental Protections offered at Pick Up Locations

Costa Rica car rental agencies always offer collision damage waiver (CDW) at pick up locations. This limit responsibility and theft insurance that significantly increase the price if you do not get the right quote.

Check if your credit card provides CDW coverage in Costa Rica.

Check with the credit card issuer to be sure it provides such coverage for car rentals in Costa Rica.Please bring documentation and be ready for a security deposit with some companies.

You will need to take the local Liability protection to cover personal injuries and third party damages.

Insurance brokers from foreign countries do not cover this so local agencies make it mandatory for every rental.

Credit cards do not cover liability in Costa Rica.

Online Base Rental Car Rates on Your Costa Rica Vacation

Be aware that when you are quoted a base rental car rate it may not include liability coverage. Probably shuttle facility fees, airport taxes and miscellaneous surcharges are not included.

At least, get liability inclusive rates so you have a rough idea of your final bill.

Airport Pick Ups.

Picking up a rental car at Liberia or San Jose airport can be more expensive due to taxes and fees.

Try looking at nearby neighborhood locations to save money when renting a car.

Local companies normally do not charge airport taxes.

Always make your own arrangements by calling the car rental companies.

Using credit and debit cards at Costa Rica car rental locations

credit card payment upon arrivalNormally, a security deposit from a major credit card is required at the time of rental.

Debit cards are usually not accepted by car rental companies.

Before leaving your country make sure your credit card is good to use it abroad.

If you are planning your transportation in high season. Expect higher rates during December, January, February, March, July and August.

Deciding to come during the green season will get you exclusive car rental deals because agencies have more cars available.

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