Hotel Shuttle Benefits in Costa Rica

Hotel Shuttle Benefits in Costa RicaCheck all the hotel shuttle benefits you can get when using Costa Rica Ground Transfers. Let an experienced shuttle operator organize your travel needs when going from one resort to another.

  • Hassle-free transport service from your hotel location
  • Great group discounts on your adventure tours to visit theme parks in small groups can make a difference in your budget.
  • Most trustworthy and efficient shuttle services
  • Warmly greetings at your resort pick up locations.
  • Very efficient and friendly hotel shuttle service
  • Reach a determined shuttle destination with a driver you can trust - we never hurry when driving you to your travel spots.
  • Ride in insured and licensed vehicles - All units are certified to operate private transportation all over the country.
  • Money savings on your hotel shuttle reservations.
  • Freedom of choice to choose the type of transportation option you need - we do not push any particular way to move within the country but just give the recommendation to assist your Costa Rica to travel planning.
  • Freedom to make stops underway for shopping to use restrooms, buying souvenirs or groceries.
  •  Free concierge services when traveling to vacation rental spots.
  • Free baby seats or boosters for children and family safety and can supply these items if requested in reservation forms.

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