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Guanacaste Car Rental

guanacaste car rentalPlanning road trips with Guanacaste Car Rental Services.

Take advantage of a Guanacaste car rental to explore Rincón de la Vieja National Park outfitters. Come to see the sights of this mountain range on your own at your pace. You may do it with a regular car but a 4x4 could be ideal if visiting other areas is part of your plans.

If you are spending your vacation on the Pacific side, grab your car rental, drive out towards highway 21. Then head towards Liberia city, turn left on highway 1. Now, Rincón de la Vieja offers two ways to access it depending on your decision to hike. You can do it either in the park or spend your day at Guachipelin Adventure center.

For this, drive about 5 km and look for a turn on your right. A 25-minute drive will take you to the park.

Option2- Keep on going after you hit the next paved road turn to the right that will take you to Buena Vista and Borinquen outfitters. These theme parks are located on the side of Rincon de La Vieja National Park.

 Guanacaste Car Rental Rates

Getting a final Guanacaste car rental cost with mandatory protections and taxes is not easy when renting a car in Costa Rica. You may try comparing car rental sites online to budget well your self-vacation but the following weekly car rental rates may give you an idea of what to expect upon arrival whether you do it at the airport or from your hotel in high season or green season when renting a car in Guanacaste.

High season car rental rates weekly from December to April. Regular cars weekly ranges $345- $385 /  Small SUVs weekly ranges $435-$483. Midsize SUVs weekly $550-$600  - Premium SUVs weekly $595-$690. Full-size SUVs weekly go for $756-$928.

Low Season car rental rates weekly – from April 15th to November 30th. Regular cars weekly range $245-$275 /  Small SUVs weekly ranges $328-$365. Midsize SUVs weekly $395-$450  - Premium SUVs weekly $465-$525. Full-size SUVs weekly start at  $500-$595.

Guanacaste Car Rental - Attraction Rates

Renting a car in Guanacaste will facilitate accessing Guachipilin Adventure center- their rates per person as a Combo Package range $85 pp -  Horse Back Riding $25-35 Canopy tour $50 -  Tubing $55 Hot springs $10 - Entrance to the National Park $10 - Buena Vista adventure Rates per person Combo Adventure Package $80 -  Horse Back Riding with waterfalls $35 Horse Back Riding with waterfalls & SPA $40 -  Canopy Tour $40 Water Slide $15 -  Hot Springs $40 -               Hanging Bridges $25 - Borinquen Adventure Rates per person Combo Package including horseback riding, zip line,SPA and lunch $86 Horse Back Riding with waterfalls and lunch $65 ATV & waterfalls plus lunch $75 -  Canopy tour & Horse Back Riding, lunch $80  -  Hot Springs $25.

Buena Vista Adventure Tours, Car Rental Services when renting a car in Guanacaste in Costa Rica

By Rigoberto Gonzalez

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