Hotel Shuttle FAQs in Costa Rica

Find answers to your hotel shuttle faqs when you stay at popular travel destinations in Costa Rica to facilitate your booking process.

What do I need to make a hotel shuttle reservation?

You need the name of the hotel, room number, phone number and pick up time.

Where do you pick me up?

You will be picked up at hotel lobbies whenever you book with us or in front of rental homes in private residences.

How far in advance do I have to book the hotel shuttle?

The hotel shuttle can be book as a one way or round trip. You can confirm it to the driver but is better to send a room number to our reservation department.

Do you do hotel to hotel shuttles?

Costa Rica Ground Transfers operate many resorts in the country. Hotel to hotel shuttles are regular services provided by our shuttle operators.

Does the hotel shuttle stop under way?

Drivers may stop if you let them know. On longer trips is something we normally do so customers can use the restrooms or having meals under way.

How do I book my return trip to the airport?

You can book a one way from the resort to the airport. Our reservation system allows you to make instant booking and get confirmations at once. Room numbers are important.

Are the prices per vehicle or per person?

Prices on private shuttles are per vehicles nor per person up to 5  passenger per service. More people can be added with a $10 per person surcharge.

Do you offer lower rates for large groups?

Costa Rica Ground Transfers offers lower rates to groups when you choose and combined different transportation option such as bookings tours and transfers or car rental services.

Are customized charter offers from the resort?

Charter services are offered when booked on line to go to national parks and theme parks to do activities on your own.

Is drinking, eating and smoking allow in the vehicle?

Drinking, eating or smoking inside the minibuses is not allowed.

Can I have the same driver on arrival and departure?

Sometimes it can be done but not always since shuttle drivers are asigned to different locations every day.

Will I have to shared the minibus with other passengers?

Private hotel shuttles are not shared by anyone else. The vehicle will be use by the customer who requested the service.

How do I pay for the hotel shuttle?

The resort shuttle must be paid in cash to the driver. If credit cards are allowed , they will have a 6% overcharge but need to be authorized in advance.

Are there places where you do not operate in Costa Rica?

For drivers and customer security reasons we do not operate in Limon. For road traffic jams we do not operate within the San Jose Downtown hotels. For bad road conditions, we avoid going to/from Drake Bay resorts, Talamanca, Pavones,Cano Negro or Los Chiles.


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